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Providing hassle-free, always fresh shopping for the hotel and tourism industry on the island of Lombok and beyond.

Lombok and the Gili Islands – Veggies, Fruits, Perishables

Distributor dan Supplier produk kebutuhan Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant, Catering, Cafe area Lombok dan Gili.
Menyediakan berbagai produk berkualitas.

+62 878 6463 1826 (office)
+62 81 2370 1965 (personal)

Inquiries: Saribuanasupplier@gmail.com


Sari Buana is also a Premium Partner of Sodafresh Indonesia

Soda Maker, CO2 Refills and Accessories read stock.

Sodafresh Purific Business Set
(5 CO2 tanks, 5 PET carbonation bottles, 1 Soda Maker)
CO2 Refills from Sodafresh – food-grade CO2 always in stock.
Make sparkling water for your professional needs.

Be a home mixologist with Sodafresh!
Do you know that home-made sparkling water is cheaper than bottled water?

Introducing Sodafresh – Sari Buana’s newest product that lets you make your own soda water. Refill-swaps are available via WA.

Forget about buying sparkling water. You can now make your own at home, anytime! Plus, you’ll be helping the environment with less used bottles and cans.

We now accept all brands of CO2 tanks for refill-swaps: Sodastream, iSoda, drinkmate, SodaXpress, drinkmate and of course Indondesia’s Number 1: Sodafresh.

Making your own sparkling beverage has never been easier
Sari Buana is pleased to join Sodafresh’s growing network of distributors on the island of Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands. Sodafresh is the first soda maker in Indonesia to offer full service and the only one that guarantees refill availability at any time. Make your own soda/sparkling water while saving money and reducing waste.

Making sparkling water at home is much cheaper than buying bottled water
Forgo the need to shop for bottled sparkling water or canned soda water now that you can make you own fresh sparkling water anytime.
Most importantly, you’re helping the environment by reducing bottle/can trash.

Is sparkling water healthy?
Sparkling, or carbonated water, is water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas (CO2), hence, its fizziness. Unlike most commercial carbonated water that might have added salt and/or minerals, your homemade sparkling water will be as healthy as regular drinking water.
In fact, studies have shown that carbonated water may be beneficial to your digestive health! You may even wish to add fresh fruits and herbs to your sparkling water. And for the more adventurous, experiment with spirits and be your own sparkling mixologist with Sodafresh!

Use cold water to make better, fresh tasting home-made sparkling water.
Did you know that making sodawater with cold water is more efficient than room temperature water?

The solubility of gases decreases with increasing temperature, so the air space inside the carbonation bottle when cold water is used will be less compared to warmer water. The cold water will take up more CO2 and less will be escaping to the air.

A 15-second view of carbonation of water using the Purific soda maker from Sodafresh. Applicable to Iconic and Dynamic models. Video produced by Sodafresh.

We accept all soda maker brands for refill. Make sure the thread looks like the ones in the picture.

All Brands of Soda CO2 tank refills – compatibility info here.
Whatever brand of CO2 tank you have, we accept them all!
We accept household-compatible CO2 tank refills for all brands: Sodastream, Soda Xpress, drinkmate, iSoda and Sodafresh.